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Automation Scripting and Testing - Sumo Solutions Pty Ltd

Automation Scripting and Testing

Sumo Solutions provides a testing capability that is Agile and responsive, so you can attract, acquire and retain customers in the digital world. We enable you to bring your mobile, web or cloud-based ideas to life.

We script for:

  • Mobile Applications: Native, hybrid and web
  • Mobile Platforms including: Apple iOS, Android
  • WinUI / UWP
  • We don’t recommend scripting for devices that are old or out of date

In a few words tell us what you need and we’ll give an estimate.

Your request should be simple. Think it over and then contact us. Keep the idea simple to enjoy what you are working on.

We love working in an Agile environment. If you are not Agile ask yourself why? It is highly recommended. Don’t waste time with long meetings.

We get the job done, by having a short daily Sprint meeting. To see where we are at, and how we need to get to the end point.

Developers love scripting and hate wasting time in mindless meetings. So we’ll have a quick Sprint meeting daily and then get on with it.